Meditation F.A.Q. 

  1. How do I clear my mind?

    We don't do any mind-clearing with mindfulness meditation! This is one of the most common misconceptions about meditation.

  2. I can’t sit in lotus position, can I still meditate?

    That's ok! I can't either. We can use a chair, or sit cross-legged on a comfortable cushion. There are many seating options for you to choose from.

  3. I don’t think I can sit still for that long.

    You might be surprised, with a little guidance, I have seen the most fidgety people sit and meditate. It takes practice. Also, walking meditation is a thing. I can show you how!

  4. How much time do you have to meditate every day to see results?

    You can take as little as a couple of minutes each day to find a little time to be mindful or meditate. Results are different for everyone. Some people notice a difference right away, and others take more practice.

  5. Do I have to be Buddhist to meditate? Will this interfere with my own religion?

    My classes are secular…so you don’t have to be Buddhist (I’m not!), or follow any religion different than your own.

  6. What if I fall asleep?

    No worries! Some days we are tired….and falling asleep is pretty common for those new to meditation.

  7. Will I have to buy a mantra?

    No. Other meditation styles may have you pay for a mantra, but with mindfulness meditation, there are no hidden fees!

  8. What should I wear to meditation classes?

    There are no style-guidelines for meditation class. I do recommend wearing comfortable clothing…something not too restrictive.