yoga for your wedding day


You've gone out to get your drink on with your girlfriends...What's next?!...Schedule a detoxifying yoga class after your night of debauchery! More and more brides are seeing the value of yoga for calming their nerves before their big day. It's a fun thing to do with your very favorite people! AND, it will help you de-stress, feel confident, and present for your special day!

Here are some ideas to make your pre-wedding yoga class extra special:

  1. Buy matching/personalized yoga mats for your bridesmaids! Try ClaireBella, My Custom Yoga Mat, CafePress, or Your Yoga Mat.
  2. If a personalized mat is too steep for your budget, make some lavender eye pillows! Here's a great tutorial on Make It Do. Or, check out Etsy...they have a ton of different ones to choose from...I love these from Pacha Mama Body Care....or these (with removable covers...a plus!) from Heather Shawn.
  3. Ask your yoga teacher to have a heart-centered class. Open up your heart...and the hearts of your bridesmaids...
  4. Request a special reading...chances are, your instructor will have special quotes or words of inspiration that will be perfectly fitting.
  5. Turn the event into a brunch with your girlfriends...or a spa day...endless possibilities!