Monthly Music: Restorative Yoga


I’ve mentioned it on my social media a few times now, but it’s FALL!!

I’m not sure there are any reasons to hate Fall, the weather starts to become crisp (or manageable if you live in Florida), the drinks suddenly become spiced, and everything smells like cinnamon and cloves.

It being a time of seasonal change can often mean a time of personal change as well, school may start to become more intense for your children, a new quarter is beginning in the business world, who knows?

With that in mind October’s monthly music is all about finding time to restore your energy or center your breathing and thoughts.

None of these songs have vocals, but they have very mellow beats and tend to stay within Major chords, so they feel restful and calming.

This playlist is perfect to throw on if you want to do a little restorative yoga, or like to do work or study with music on in the background.

Listening to this makes me want to curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book and a cozy sweater, but it’s a still a little too hot for that here!

Let me know what your favorite songs are, or what you did while listening to the playlist in the comments!

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