3 Tips on Dealing with “Life” Block

We’ve all been there: the agonizingly dull process of trying to create something when we have absolutely no inspiration. Most commonly, you’ll see this feeling referred to as “writer’s block,” but we can’t let those English majors have all the fun! For the purposes of today’s blog I’m calling that stagnant feeling “life” block, and I’m going to talk about some helpful strategies for getting some wind back into your creative sails.


Mini Meditation

breathe and be.

1. Mini Meditation

Recognize that feeling stagnant or unable to create is a totally normal human process, getting frustrated with yourself for feeling uninspired or being unable to get work done is just going to make it worse. So, with that in mind, take time to focus on your breathing and let thoughts enter your conscience however they may. Having a mini-meditation can help you examine your emotions and find where the block is coming from. (If you don’t have a go-to meditation here’s another blog I wrote with a simple one I’ve been using at the ends of my classes for years! ).

Get Out

get inspired…

2. Get Out, Get Inspired

Most people, especially in the age of Netflix, spend a lot of time in their houses being sucked into their laptops. There’s very little to find inspiration in there, so get out of the house and take a walk. Around the block, to the park, at the beach, it doesn’t matter!! Lots of creativity can be unlocked in nature.

Get Sh!t Done

and cascade productivity

3. Get Sh!t Done!

If you’re putting off one thing, you might be putting off others too. Get out of the funk by doing the stack of dishes in your sink, the laundry in your closet, or any other chores you might be slacking on. Checking one thing off the list, even a small one is cause for celebration and can start a cascade of productivity.

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Do you have any strategies that get you out of a slump? Let me know in the comments!