Is a Home Yoga Studio Right for You?

Picture this: You promised you would go to the gym after work, then once you get home, you’re too tired to go.

It takes some serious effort to change, drive to the gym, workout when you’re already tired, and then have to drive back home before you can rest?

If you’re a hardened gym rat, it might come easy to you, the rest of us skip out on that promised workout!

Home yoga classes can combine the comfort of practicing in your own home with the need to remain active and healthy after work.


In a global survey done by DOYOUYOGA in 2016, they found that 46% of people preferred to practice at home.


Why not? It’s convenient, you’re in the comfort of your home with no fear of someone judging you, and you’re in control of what you do or don’t do!

Yoga from home is great for people who already have a basis in the practice and know what they are doing, but how do beginners get started at home?

There are plenty of online classes that teach beginner poses, flows, and anything else a quick Google search could pull up. These online classes are great for those who are starting out and who feel awkward with a whole class of people who have been practicing for years.

The problem comes when you consider quality control.

Most studios check the yoga instructor credentials of their teachers, but anyone can upload a video online.

Other issues involved with trying to practice yoga on your own at home are being inconsistent with your practice, not knowing when you’re doing something that could lead to injury, and having too many distractions outside of an environment that is set up for yoga.

There is a sort of happy medium between having to get up and go to a class, versus having the comfort of yoga within your home without the proper assistance.

Have the class come to you!

Find a teacher within your area who travels and would be able to come to your home for a private class, or a small group class with a few of your friends (shameless self promotion…like ME!!). Ask what kind of training they have had, and if they are a registered yoga teacher! You can also ask what style of yoga they teach, and can find someone who has a style that aligns with your needs.

Though it’s not free like YouTube, with a home practice, you’re getting personal attention from someone who can tailor the classes to your needs.

With a small group yoga class, or a private yoga class, the pace and strenuousness of your practice is in your hands, and with the trained eye of someone who knows how to guide you.

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I offer private, small group, and business yoga classes for those who have a drive to learn yoga, but don’t necessarily want to go to a studio.

From my home studio in Tampa Bay, I offer yoga and meditation classes (both personal and corporate), as well as workshops for MBSR. I’m also happy to travel anywhere within the Tampa Bay Area to bring a yoga class to your home.

If you’re not in the Tampa Bay area I have several online classes available through Zoom Meeting.

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