the sound of the universe.


Aum is often called the “sound of the universe”. People can get a little freaked out about chanting OM (or AUM) their first few times. I was. It just seemed weird at first...but the more I practiced, the more I loved the vibration...ESPECIALLY with a big group of people.

The infographic above is a detail of the symbol for AUM, and provides a little deeper meaning about it....but for beginners, here's what's up:

The AUM chant is actually 4 sounds: 1. A...sounds like "aaahhh". The vibration begins in your chest.... 2. U...sounds like the o in "home". You will feel this resonating in your throat. Go ahead, make the sound, and put your hand over your throat. It vibrates! (this isn't ALL just hippie-dippie stuff!) 3. M...sounds like "mmmm". This sound that can be felt in your head. 4. Silence. take a moment after chanting to feel the vibration, and listen to the stillness.

Benefits: The vibration that resonates in your body when you chant has both physical and physiological benefits! It can bring a sense of calm and focus, it can decrease blood pressure, increase relaxation, and the vibration can give a little massage to your chest, throat and head.

Still don't want to chant? Then don't! As a yoga teacher, I've chanted many times in a room of new students not wanting to! Here's a little secret...even if you don't chant, you still reap the vibrational benefits from the others who are chanting. It's all good.

Do you regularly chant in your yoga class, or at home in your personal practice?