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Booking a private yoga class

private yoga Tampa

So, you’ve booked your private yoga session…what’s next?!

  1. Set your intention or goals for your yoga sessions. Some people book private classes with me because they have never been to a yoga class before, and are embarrassed to go to a group class. Some book with me because they have body limitations, and attending a studio class is too challenging. Others want to gain flexibility or strength…or have a super-challenging schedule.

  2. Determine type of class you want to take based on your intentions or goals. I put together a class just for you, depending on what YOUR experience and intentions are.

  3. Schedule a time and place for class. I think that making yoga convenient is really important. We work a class into YOUR schedule. I’ve met people at their offices, or even at the beach!

  4. Do your homework. I can get you started on a home practice if you are interested. I make an easy-to-follow practice you can do on your own…until we meet again.

Hopefully this answers some questions you might have had about booking a private class! Feel free to contact me with any extra questions (or leave a question in the comments below!)