How do you know if someone is vegan?


It’s one of my favorite jokes…How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they TELL you!!

(this joke works for Crossfitters too! haha)

I’m not vegan all the time…but every once & a while I eat a completely plant based diet…no meat, no eggs and NO CHEESE (gah!!). I’ve been known to get on my high horse about how people should eat less meat, and how a plant based diet should be the rule more than the exception.

Really, though…I think it’s most important to pay attention to what you are eating while you are eating it…whether you are eating vegan or not! Sounds simple, right?! But…how many times have you snarfed down a thing of popcorn at the movies, gotten to the end, and wondered where it all went (or, maybe it’s just ME?!). Taking the time to become aware of what you are eating is a way to bring mindfulness practice into your daily life. Try it with one bite of your next meal!

Over the years I’ve found some amazing sites with phenomenal vegan recipes. Thought I’d introduce you to four of my favorites!

Oh She Glows- Everything I have made from Angela Liddon’s blog has been stellar…one of my go-to sites for plant based recipes. Her recipe for a veggie burger is the very best I’ve made! She has written cookbooks too: here and here.

Yum Universe - Another tried and true blog with amazing recipes! I can always count on Heather Crosby’s recipes to be delicious! Here is her cookbook…so many great recipes to choose from.

Minimalist Baker - A great resource for plant based recipes…all of which use 10 ingredients or less. And, of course…there is a cookbook (I don’t have this cookbook yet…but if it’s anything like the blog…it will be great!)

Restorative Kitchen - This is a shameless plug for my cousin-in-law’s new whole food blog. She is awesome, and her recipes are too! Check out her blog!